Please Help Me, Lord Ganesh


I’m overwhelmed. I want to get everything done by this weekend so I can brew some beer. The only thing I really wanted for Father’s Day was to brew 3 batches of beer to have ready for fall and winter. We have piles of glass trinkets and other random items that have exploded all over the house and I only hope that this yard sale we have planned this weekend takes care of most of it. I want to see it all go away so we can organize everything better. Part of the challenge is trying to actually make sense of the value of these items and the liquidation nature of yard sales. Some of the things that have accumulated here over the years have some real value to them and we don’t want to sell ourselves short, but we also don’t want to get stuck with things that people might consider over-priced, either. It’s a little easier for me because I have no sentimental attachment to most of these things, so the ‘everything’s a dollar’ seems like a simple solution, but I know some of these items just can’t be ignored. I know some just have to be listed on Ebay or in an Etsy vintage shop, but it would be great if we could end it all this weekend. I want to move on. I want to work on t-shirts and steampunk accessories and art and spice mixes and most of all, I want to brew beer. I want my maintenance business to get moving enough so I can focus on being a beer & wine guy. I want to be that eccentric guy from Dogfish Head that travels and finds new, fun ways to brew beer and seems to truly enjoy his life and what he does for a living. I can’t let the money control me anymore. I’m tired of being the Great American Indentured Servant. I want to live and I want Sara and the kids to be there with me. I know I have the potential to brew great beers that I know people will love. We just need to get to the point of being able to catch up with life’s constant barrage of duties a little faster & easier so I can work on my stepping stones and my recipes. So, hopefully we can clear out the clutter this weekend and make the first real motions into a better-organized life. So, I can only hope that Ganesh (the elephant god of removing obstacles) hears my plea and lends a little assistance because we can use all the help we can get.



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